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Increased Water Pollution From Farms Will Become Common Under Climate Change

Very wet winter made polluted river more than twenty times worse

31 Jan 2022

EU Policies Led to Collapse of Major Biofuel Crop in UK and Europe, Says Report

Fractured decision making turned beetle into a ‘serious crop pest’ and increased palm oil imports

26 Jan 2022

New GE Law Given Thumbs-Up

UK legislation will cut red tape around field trials

20 Jan 2022

Virtual Version of Real Farm to Tackle Meat's Climate Footprint

Near perfect ‘digital twin’ will help reduce climate-related and other impacts of meat eating

14 Dec 2021

Sustainable Farming Incentive Scheme May Lead to 'Postcode Lottery' Over Soil Carbon

Not all soils are equal when it comes to carbon sequestration, warn scientists

8 Dec 2021

New Threat to Oilseed Rape Emerges in UK

Variant of Phoma-causing fungus found in Europe for first time

6 Dec 2021

Major Insect Pest has Formed African 'Super-Population'

Fall armyworm populations from across continent interbreeding

4 Nov 2021

New Targets for Crop Genetic Improvement Found

Researchers uncover ‘potential gold-mine’ for plant breeders

28 Oct 2021

More to Climate Change than Just Temperature: Recent Weather Patterns Led to Smaller Harvests

Winter wheat and spring barley yields greater under typical 20th Century than 21st Century climate

22 Oct 2021

Feeling a Spark: Flowers Release Perfurme in Response to Electrically Charged Bees

Study suggests mechanism evolved to help plants make the most of their floral scents

21 Sep 2021

Genome Edited Wheat Field Trial Gets Go-Ahead From UK Government

First CRISPR-edited wheat grown in Europe to be planted this autumn

24 Aug 2021

Resistance Emerging to Key Light Leaf Spot Fungicide

Results show control holding for now, but mixture is safest move

9 Aug 2021

UK 'Meat Tax' Would Cost Economy Almost £250m a Year

Study proposes more subtle approach that encompasses climate, economy, and land use

22 Jul 2021

Rothamsted Ready to Help Fix 'Broken' Food System

From better nutrition to improved farming, Institute research is at forefront of ‘future-proofed food’

15 Jul 2021

Wanted: Farmers Sought in Fight Against New Grass Weed

Emergent species already having economic impact

14 Jun 2021

Scientists Tracking Silent Crop Pests Turn Silhouettes Into Sound

Data analysis, technology, and biology are combining to help tackle the world’s worst cereal killers

9 Jun 2021

Changes to the Rothamsted Estate

New access plan to improve visitor experience and help protect valuable experiments

8 Jun 2021

Researcher Wins Prestigious Crop Protection Research Grant

Microbiologist Vanessa Nessner Kavamura one of 24 scientists selected for the Bayer 2021 Grants4Ag awards

3 Jun 2021